Maribor 26-06 - 10-07-2005
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Maribor2005 (001).jpg
Four Dutch guys going to Maribor
Maribor2005 (002).JPG
University building in Maribor
Maribor2005 (003).JPG
Bridge over the river Drava at night
Maribor2005 (004).JPG
Maribor2005 (005).JPG
The church in front of the university building
Maribor2005 (006).JPG
A picture surrounded by Slovenian art
Maribor2005 (007).JPG
There's need for beer in hot weather
Maribor2005 (008).JPG
Ciao, Italian speaking fellows!
Maribor2005 (009).JPG
The men in black...
Maribor2005 (010).JPG
By daylight the university building looks great too
Maribor2005 (011).JPG
So does the church
Maribor2005 (012).JPG
Finally we found a good spot for our posters
Maribor2005 (013).JPG
Don't you think? I do!
Maribor2005 (014).JPG
Predrag's lecture
Maribor2005 (015).JPG
The beautiful city of Ptuj
Maribor2005 (016).JPG
And the weather is nice too.